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                                                                COVID 19: Chris is still tuning during these difficult times!

                                                                Be assured that when I visit for a tuning, I will exercise great care to             

                                                                ensure your safety and mine. I respectfully request that you do the same.

                                                                The situation is changing daily, and further restrictions may be imposed.

                                                                If you have any questions and concerns, please call me in 0476 428 052



      About Chris - A brief history of Chris and his interest in pianos

      Services & Prices - What it costs for tuning & other work, such as repairs and regulation

      For Piano Teachers - A page raising some issues for teachers concerning Piano Care

      Piano Topics - A page & numerous with a range of information!            

      Chris's Values & Ethics - Click on this link!

      Environmental Ethics - Click on this link!

      Contact - The best way to get in touch with Chris