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This is a page where I will be posting stuff about recent events, extra information on piano care, and the odd opinion or maybe even a cartoon or two!

My first posting will be about the PIANO TUNERS' CONVENTION held recently in Glenelg, Adelaide.


Piano Tuners’ Convention – Adelaide, 17-19 Oct 2017

                Have just returned from the convention in Adelaide, held at the Stamford Hotel

in Glenelg  (See picture on right!). The seminars were extremely good (as usual!), and there

was a great deal of useful knowledge shared. It was also a great chance to catch up with

old friends from previous conventions. Good also to create some new contacts!

The sessions I attended were:

Polyester Repairs & Polishing: Greg Webster.   This was a basic introduction to art of repairing scratches

and dents which often happen to the polyester finishes of modern pianos. The kit which accompanies such

work is a small and very high-tech piece of equipment.

Abel Hammers (2 sessions) Led by Norbert Abel & his daughter Jennifer

of the Abel Piano Hammer Company in Germany.

These sessions covered the manufacture of piano hammers. Piano hammers are made of felt of

course, and the story covered the process of felt manufacture, beginning with the shearing of

sheep in Australia! A number of short videos also showed the process of hammer manufacture

- an extremely refined and exacting procedure.

                   Left: The Abel Piano Hammer Factory in Germany.

                            Note the solar panels on the roof!

Grand Piano Regulation (2 sessions) – David Jenkins (New Zealand)

David’s sessions are always worthwhile, and delegates picked up a heap of good

tips for improving the quality, speed and exactness of grand piano regulation.

Upright Damper & Regulation - Kerry Cooper (QLD)

A lot of very useful information on making, cutting and replacing dampers.

Kerry began by saying that he had been in the piano tuning game for forty years,

yet still expects to learn something new every day! A good attitude for life in general, I think!

                                                                                                          Repairs and Regulation of Older Uprights (3 sessions) – Wim Blees (USA, Hawaii).

                                                                                                          Three very good sessions. For many of us, this was the real coalface of our work, as

                                                                                                           Wim's session dealt with pianos we are most likely to meet in our everyday work.

The convention event ended with a formal dinner - a great event where everyone 'let their hair down'!

FINAL COMMENT: - The Adelaide Convention was a worthwhile event!
We are all looking forward to the next one in 2019, in Melbourne!